Moderna Collection


The Moderna dresser, available in two versions (with 4 or with 8 drawers), is characterised by the convenient soft-closing mechanism, which guarantees a gentle and quiet movement of the drawers, and by the velvet-covered bottom, which gives a feeling of luxury and comfort. 

Here too, as in the bedside tables, the glossy black surface of the top slightly offset from the base is intended to create a textural contrast, and a slight variation to the geometric design of the central body.

In the Gold variant, the dresser introduces an additional contrasting element. In fact, compared to Moderna Titanium and, to some extent, to Moderna Chrome, there is a much stronger colour break in the Gold version. 

This contrast between an austere colour such as dark grey, and a bright, shiny one such as gold makes the furniture design warmer and more welcoming, as well as more striking. It is not just the juxtaposition of two antithetical nuances, they are two antithetical styles: on the one hand the rigour and coldness of modern furniture, on the other the glamour, luxury and ‘prosperity’ of the classical world.


Description Width Depth Height
4 drawers dresser 129 cm 53 cm 94 cm
8 drawers dresser 165 cm 53 cm 94 cm