Moderna Collection

Minimal style and luxury details

Furnishing your bedroom with Adora’s Moderna collectionmeans interpreting the gritty side of the contemporary world with the innate elegance of Made in Italy design. In this alchemy of different yet perfectly integrated atmospheres, the result is a minimalist sleeping quarter, in which the simple, geometric lines of the furnishings dialogue with the fine finishes and elegant, refined details of the luxury furniture collection.

All the furniture is ‘dressed’ in an elegant Sycamore wood finish with a smoky grey glossy lacquer, while the accessories – legs and handles – are available in three different style and colour versions.

The variant with square accessories in satin-finished ‘Titanium‘ metal is the most minimalist of the three, because it plays on the tone-on-tone colour homogeneity with the anthracite furniture.

The second and third versions, with accessories in polished gold and chrome finishes, respectively, offer a stronger visual impact and add a touch of glamour to the sleeping area. Both chrome and gold finishes on dark furniture stand out, creating shimmering plays of light.

What changes in the Gold and Chrome versions of the Moderna design furniture collections is also the style of the legs and handles: from sharp and square, to fine and sinuous. A detail that denotes a greater decorative richness, while remaining within the framework of contemporary minimalism.

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Moderna: Luxury Minimalism by Adora

The Moderna bedroom proposes an elegant Sycamore wood finish in glossy lacquered smoky gray and plays on the accessories (feet and handles) to create three different atmospheres: the tone-on-tone square metal handle emphasizes minimalism and stylistic uniformity, while the horizontal handle in a shiny gold and chrome finish (and the pointed and slightly curved feet) make the overall view more glamorous and bright.

The Moderna collection offers a minimal and gritty sleeping area made in a captivating Sycamore wood finish smoky gray glossy lacquer that plays on the details to give life to three different versions.

Modern Titanium, with squared handles and feet in satin metal, focuses on chromatic and stylistic uniformity. Moderna Gold and Cromo create a warmer and more glamorous atmosphere by focusing on the sinuous lines of the details and on the contrast with the shine of the polished gold or chrome finishes.