The heart of the project

Luxury-à-porter concisely expresses the entire vision of the Adora line. Luxury, in the context of the new line, must be an attainable desire, reaching a wide audience with sophisticated and well-defined tastes.

Adora meets the needs of buyers with clear ideas about their home´s character and who consciously embrace the lifestyle. Adora makes this possible, inferring since its conception the logic of the global market, intercepting the needs and curiosity of a vast and sophisticated clientele.

One of the most successful and innovative characteristics in the distribution field lies with the fact that Adora actually embodies the motto luxury-à-porter. It merges the delight of Italian design luxury with affordable product solutions, facilitating a wide audience with the possibility to choose exquisite environments without sacrificing quality finishes and detailing. This perfect balance between accessibility and quality is born out of Arredoclassic´s experience, which has long guaranteed excellence in quality standards and a quick, efficient production turnaround.

Go beyond classic: choose the glamour luxury style of Adora Collections

Who said a luxury home must be furnished with classic furniture? Today, there are many interior design trends that allow you to express your personality according to different styles, while still making classy and quality choices.

Loving luxury does not necessarily mean loving a classic style . Although always current and sophisticated, this style does not fare well in all contexts nor with all personalities.
A young, modern and cutting-edge home – maybe even in an urban context – needs a contemporary interior design. This does not mean you should give up on elegance and luxury.

There is a luxury furniture style that perfectly embodies the most glamorous and contemporary interior design, whilst preserving the right level of sophistication and charm.
If you don’t want to settle for the usual furniture, and you want to make your home special, with an elegant style that is not in the least classic, then go for Adora. Adora perfectly combines luxury and modern.

Adora: luxury-à-porter

Generally, the word ‘luxury’ suggests something that is unique . This concept is not entirely wrong. A precious item should also be special, and therefore convey the idea of uniqueness.

However, a unique item doesn’t necessarily have to be accessible only to a certain target. Uniqueness can also be conveyed by the will to be different , by the desire to be always up to date with the latest styles and trends. A luxury accessible to a broader audience, with tasteful and elegant preferences, is possible.

This is Adora’s line core philosophy: luxury-à-porter. With Adora, the concept of unique design is perfectly paired with accessibility . Thanks to Adora furniture collections, you’ll be sure to furnish your home in line with your needs and your refined taste.

Adora Interiors Essenza Bedroom night table and king bed

The Adora brand renews the grammar of classics grounded in the tradition of luxury Italian furniture, by proposing a new way of looking at design: a look that shapes the refinement of classic lines into new, contemporary forms suited to fit into today’s spaces.

In a perfect synthesis of tradition and creativity, Adora collections are the benchmark for those who want modern furniture, without giving up a contamination with the classical world, which materializes in the decorative elements, precious fabrics, golden friezes, luxurious finishes and quality materials.


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