The heart of the project

Luxury-à-porter concisely expresses the entire vision of the Adora line. Luxury, in the context of the new line, must be an attainable desire, reaching a wide audience with sophisticated and well-defined tastes.

Adora meets the needs of buyers with clear ideas about their home´s character and who consciously embrace the lifestyle. Adora makes this possible, inferring since its conception the logic of the global market, intercepting the needs and curiosity of a vast and sophisticated clientele.

One of the most successful and innovative characteristics in the distribution field lies with the fact that Adora actually embodies the motto luxury-à-porter. It merges the delight of Italian design luxury with affordable product solutions, facilitating a wide audience with the possibility to choose exquisite environments without sacrificing quality finishes and detailing. This perfect balance between accessibility and quality is born out of Arredoclassic´s experience, which has long guaranteed excellence in quality standards and a quick, efficient production turnaround.


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