Essenza Collection

Modern Luxury

Adora collections reinterpret the concepts of luxury and elegance in a modern key. Luxury-à-porter is the expression that best summarizes the philosophy of the brand.Furniture with clean and essential lines, fine details and finishes aimed at extreme aesthetic cleanliness, designed to meet the stylistic needs of a wider audience.harm, functionality, sophistication: these are the factors that make the Adora collections true jewels of modern design

Essenza shows the beauty of the modern style in all its facets. Through fine details and finishes, it expresses the sophisticated and timeless nature of furnishing, capable of turning every room into a luxury environment.

adora interiors essenza dining room principale composition

All the elements feature a balanced combination of details and colors based on the dark shades of wengé wood and the shine of their marble finish. Together, they constitute the heart of the collection.

Essenza’s design is based on a classic-contemporary dualism. A stylistic synergy that gives life to furnishings with a daring yet graceful look that conveys great aesthetic appeal to the whole home.

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