Sipario Collection


Luminosity and relaxation for a perfect setting

A bright dining room is the perfect place to spend time with family and guests. Sipario provides the ideal setting for a convivial, relaxed and refined tone. The Sipario dining room space develops one of the decorative themes of the collection to its fullest: the use of borders with lozenge detail. The borders are one of the key Sipario design features around which the rest of the collection design unfolds. Borders used as a modulating feature to design and balance volumes, the use of the lozenge as refined and elegant decorative motif. The borders also entail one of the most interesting innovations of the collection – the artistic use of high-tech materials. Sipario sees the first use of a coating that is as durable as traditional materials but with a peculiarity which brings the worlds of tradition and design closer: the sensory feel of silk to the touch. A solution which happily marries innovation, tradition and creativity.

Sipario Collection

Adora is the latest Arredoclassic line, one which blends the experience of this historic Pesaro company with a contemporary design aimed at an engaged, broad and diverse clientele.

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