Diamante Collection

Luxury, the essence of things

The Diamante collection takes its inspiration from the geometric shapes found in cut diamonds, enhancing beautiful lines representing the very best of Made In Italy. Each motif in the Diamante collection reflects the refined taste inherent in the fine work of the jeweller, with the detail in each item developed to ensure it has that contemporary feel which makes it stand out elegantly in any prestige interiors.

The Diamante collection is to be admired like a jewel. Just like jewels, its pieces play with the light dancing off the infinite reflective properties of glass, not to mention the lively colour contrasts highlighted by their size and shape. As fascinating and complex as the surface of a precious gemstone, this is the basic concept behind the Diamante collection. A few simple lines intersect to bring forth the frames finished in elm wood, cradling all the sophisticated beauty of the brightest glass surfaces.

The technical team at Adora who designed and created this new DIAMANTE collection chose a new highly technical and effective material called TECRES®. It has been used to create the handles, mouldings and other supporting components in this collection. TECRES® is obtained by polymer extrusion which is then compressed at high pressure in steel presses.

The resulting pieces are extremely hard and robust, and have a bright gold chrome finish. This finish will maintain a perfect shine on the gold over time, eliminating annoying problems of oxidation.

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