Luce Dark

Contemporary luxury embedded in contrasts and asymmetries

Can a furniture collection be bright and mysterious all at the same time? Yes, if the collection is Luce Dark where the contrast is clear right from the name. If light illuminates, unveils and brightens, everything “Dark” pushes toward a mysterious atmosphere. And the result? The result is an evocative and irresistible combination!

With furniture from the Luce Dark collection, contemporary design is exalted by contrasts, asymmetrical furniture, and an ambivalent dual nature, somewhere between a luxury collection and a minimalistic one.

Leading the way in the Luce Dark furniture collection is the Portoro Gold marble finish, which, in contrast to the warm and neutral Zebrano-effect wood finish, further enhances the glamorous side of this great Made in Italy design.

The light-shadow contrast is present both overall, in terms of the proportion between light and dark elements, and in the design of the individual furnishings that make up this unique luxury collection.

In the majestic dining table, for example, the dark Portoro Gold top, with its multifaceted veins, is enhanced precisely by the contrast with the light and luminous legs.

In the luxury dining room sideboard, the glass doors are set off by the sides in Portoro Gold finish, while the central dark drawer “breaks” the shimmering brightness of the glass, making the design more distinctive and refined.

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