Luce Dark Collection


Mirrors are perfect elements to give a fine look and style to the living and sleeping areas. They also decorate, expand space (perfect in small rooms), and complement the functionality and harmony of certain furnishings, such as dressers and chests of drawers in the bedroom, the console table in the foyer, and the dressing table cabinet and display case in the dining room.

Luce Dark mirrors are available in two sizes: a large one and a small one. The large mirror is available in two versions: with Portoro gold semi-frame or with Portoro gold full frame.

The geometric, minimalist design echoes the understated, contemporary mood of the entire collection, bestowing a touch of class and sophistication.

The dark marble finish echoes that of the table top, the coffee tables in the living room, the buffet cabinet and the top of the tall display cabinets, creating an aesthetic thread of great harmony.


Description Width Depth Height
Large Mirror Art. 60 180 cm  3 cm 80 cm
Large Mirror Art. 61 187 cm 7 cm 87 cm
Small Mirror Art. 61 112 cm 7 cm 87 cm