Sipario Collection

Luxury, the essence of things

The Sipario collection is the first from the Adora line. Sipario completely respects the philosophy behind the new brand: luxury-à-porter is in fact the fullest essence of this collection, expressed through finish and detail, a contemporary breakthrough.

Sipario will leave its mark in any space. Each furnishing item is conceived to render its environment that little more special: refined and precious detailing together with their eccentric flourish are the stylistic elements that forge themselves in your mind.

The beauty of the Sipario furniture pieces lies in the interpretation of our times and its translation into luxurious contours which adapt to diverse urban settings.

The Sipario collection explores classic forms and modulates them into fluid and elegant contours: a synthesis between the opulence of classic decorativeness and contemporary minimalism, rendering each feature noteworthy.

Yet another piece is added to the Sipario mosaic of characteristics: the use of innovative high-tech materials. Solutions designed to be both resistant and delightful to the touch as with the coating of the frames, reminiscent of precious silk. Everything in the new Adora style is burnished with impressive and considerate golden lacquer combined with brass detailing.

The taste for beauty should be a daily pleasure, to be enjoyed within the warmth of your own home.

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