Luce Dark Collection


The contemporary side of the black marble

Harmonious and minimalist, the Luce Dark living room impresses with its ability to be simultaneously cozy and sophisticated, warm and austere. The secret lies in the combination of different finishes and the alternation of light and dark colors that are the common element across the living room and this stylistic version. But there is more.
Also striking is the ease with which Adora has managed to create a light, versatile and modern living room with black marble as its dominant element. It was not an easy feat to accomplish, considering that both the color and the specific weight of the material could have toned down the overall look.
Instead, the sofas and armchairs form a minimalistic living room that strikes a perfect balance between elegance and functionality. In addition to being chic and refined, the Luce Dark living room is extremely comfortable and welcoming.

Luce Dark Collection

Furniture whose lines enhance an original and asymmetrical design, fine materials and finishes, elegance as the core concept and contrasting color combinations to create a modern and luxury-filled atmosphere: the Luce Dark collection is this and much more.

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