True innovation is born out of experience

Adora is the latest Arredoclassic line, a company with 20 years´ experience in the Italian furniture market. Adora embodies all of Arredoclassic´s experience, positioning itself both in the domestic and foreign markets. Indeed, the company has always paid particular care to its foreign market enterprise, consolidating year after year the international spirit which has enabled the brand to establish itself worldwide.

Adora´s collections guarantee its reach to a vast and diverse clientele, thanks to its tested production systems and swift delivery times both nationally and internationally. Reliability and far-reaching vision, conceptualising innovative and ever interesting solutions are Adora´s calling card, timeless collections with a contemporary design style.

Contemporary design combines style and comfort: both are key requirements to ensure that every interior environment of your home can enjoy furnishing that is beautiful to look at without sacrificing comfort.

If you want to create a contemporary furnishing project that is consistent and harmonious and with aesthetic continuity across every room in the house – from the living room to the bedroom – while allowing each of these rooms to be different and personalised, it is essential to choose brands such as Adora, which focus on originality, customisation and the quality of the Italian furniture-making tradition.

Only with the quality of Made in Italy is it possible to notice the subtle details between one mood and another.

With the contemporary Adora collections it will be possible to customised each room (specific to the function it performs) while remaining within the macro-world of contemporary furnishing and preserving the aesthetic continuity mentioned above.

For example, in the bedroom, where all is about rest and intimacy, one could create a muffled, rarefied effect, marked by a light chromatic composition exploiting the refinement and ethereal luminosity of the Diamante collection or the dreamy atmosphere of the Essenza bedroom.


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