Adora is the latest Arredoclassic line, one which blends the experience of this historic Pesaro company with a contemporary design aimed at an engaged, broad and diverse clientele. Adora presents contemporary collections with a pleasing retro twist, a mix of tradition and innovation seen through the creative use of ultra tech materials and lines to create simple and interesting volumes. Adora´s signature furniture pieces offer a new take on Italian classic design.

LIF Magazine

  • Neoclassical dining room furniture: the Modigliani collection

    In the Modigliani living room there is a perfect balance of color and texture visible on every piece of furniture. The furniture features warm walnut nuances and elm-root silk-screen prints, and is embellished by elaborate friezes and motifs in fine gold leaf. The leitmotif of the collection are the Empire-style columns with their golden notes, that can be found in each piece of furniture, making it even more austere and important. Modigliani has been designed with the aim of recreating a refined and sophisticated living room scenario, making it both welcoming and comfortable. In this article, we will take a closer look at the characteristics of the individual items in the collection, first reviewing some key suggestions for furnishing this room in your neoclassical living space.
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  • Arredoclassic neoclassical bedroom: when elegance encounters Made in Italy

    Furnishing your home with Arredoclassic, means enriching every room with the unmistakable beauty of Italian classical style: high-quality furniture finished with precious materials and sought-after details that make each room rich and luxurious. Neoclassical taste is one of the style variants of classical furniture and brings class to even the more intimate, more hidden away areas of your home, like your bedroom for instance. This is a reserved place for relaxing and unwinding, so this room needs to be furnished tastefully with special attention paid to ensure total comfort at the end of the day for the people living in and using this part of the home. It is important to be able to enjoy a relaxing, intimate atmosphere in your bedroom, that is of a certain emotional and stylistic level. To do so means choosing the most suitable pieces of furniture. Below we would like to show you the luxury and quality of Arredoclassic Collections designed especially to make your bedroom the intimate oasis of your dreams.
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