Luce Collection


A luxury living room, elegant and gritty

The Luce Light living room features the same game of light and luxury accents that distinguish the entire collection.
In the modern Luce Light living room the “pure” energy of light is transformed into a rarefied and evocative atmosphere, introducing elements of color contrast that emphasize the spacious and comfortable shapes of the sofas.
The simple and straightforward lines of the seats match the fine fabrics, warm colors, and eye-catching satin champagne-colored feet, while the functional details (the storage compartments) and the symmetrical design has a gritty, contemporary mood.

Luce Light Collection

The Luce Light contemporary furniture design collection is a perfect blend of functional style and “luxury à porter.” With its clean, minimal lines and balanced precious details, it manages to combine lightness and elegance, creating a sophisticated and trendy environment.

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