Luce Light Collection


The elegant TV composition boasts two imposing display cabinets featuring glass doors with vertical handles, top and outer sides in light Onyx marble finish and inner sides made of refined light Zebrano-effect wood finish. It also includes 4 interior glass shelves. The interior lighting amplifies the brightness and sparkle of the glass, creating striking games of light.

The composition is completed with a TV cabinet made of an element with a glass door, echoing the style of the display cases, and a larger module with a top in Onyx finish and front in Zebrano wood finish with drawer and open compartment.

Harmony and visual continuity are provided by the legs, which in the 3 furniture pieces feature the same style and sophisticated champagne satin shade.

Overall, the TV wall stand measures 279 cm.


Description Width Depth Height
1 Door Cabinet 59 cm 49 cm 207 cm
Tv Cabinet 161 cm 50 cm 67 cm
Tv set Composition 279 cm 50 cm 207 cm