Adora, the latest Arredoclassic line

The delight of contemporary classic

Adora is the latest Arredoclassic line, a youthful brand which refreshes the structures of the classic style, brought to life through the company´s passion for the Italian luxury furnishing tradition. Adora has emerged from Arredoclassic´s experience and takes its place alongside the other collections of this historic brand, proposing a new take on Italian design: contemporary elegance to inspire luxury interiors.

Adora makes the most of Arredoclassic´s experience in creating furniture pieces in the Italian classic style and reinterprets these collections with clear mastery of the Baroque and the refinement of Renaissance geometry. A synthesising vision modelling new forms for new spaces.

Language, fusion and the present

Adora brings a new understanding to classic using a language that draws on the wealth of traditional design and translates it into new forms, furniture pieces in keeping with our times. Here the opulence of Italian classicism fuses with the geometric contours of the present with an eccentric flourish.

Precious fabrics and finishes which are a delight to the touch, gilt features for exquisite detailing: Adora fulfils every requirement as the benchmark for those in search of a contemporary style infused with features which hark back to an incredible creative force in the field of home decor.

Sumptuous furnishings and prized materials blend perfectly in modern settings with canny modelling of new forms. A synthesis between past and future, made possible through the perfect marriage of tradition and creativity.


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