Adora, thought and design

Luxury-à- porter, much more than a slogan

The Adora brand philosophy is encapsulated in the ensuing payoff: Adora, luxury à porter. A line centred around refined and luxury environments. A desire in keeping with a diverse and numerous range of clientele: increasingly aware of its tastes and expectations in the aspect of home living.

Adora, luxury-à-porter is the delight of Italian luxury design fused with affordable production solutions, enabling a varied clientele the ability to choose from among refined environments without ever sacrificing the quality of the finishes and detailing.

Adora creates sumptuous settings for a contemporary audience who interprets classicism as a potential variation on the present. This is why Adora offers a pragmatic approach to the needs of a continuously evolving market, one which must marry beauty and practicality, luxury and accessibility. Bold features that signal a new take on the classic for glamorous interiors with unmistakable character.

Luxury insight: the thread between desire and reality

The Adora line keeps a careful eye over the rapid changes in taste of those who search out beauty and a contemporary, refined style. Adora: luxury à porter, takes its cue here with a name which encompasses the entire project philosophy. Adora is characterised by a choice of design studied to transmit the classicism values to a new and demanding public, one which has access to a contemporary globally connected scene with all its influences.

We are exposed daily to a multitude of images and stimuli which continuously spur our choices. Adora´s design solution stands tall amidst this choice, an unforgettable line with its luminous and opulent interiors, environments which bring the charm of classic decor to contemporary spaces. Adora oozes luxury and bridges the gap between desire and reality.


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