The new take on classic

The Adora furniture collections offer a new take on classic for glamorous interiors with unmistakable charm. Adora is characterised by its ability to merge the classicism of Italian style with design perfectly in tune with our times.

A look at the Adora collection sketches is emotional enough: the ideas take shape and substance from the very first lines on the paper. The thinking behind the Adora philosophy and personality of each feature becomes ever clear with each new stroke of the designer´s brush: nothing is left to chance with every exquisite detail, making their beauty and elegance beguiling luxury.

Adora will satisfy your small and biggest desires in the realm of home living.


After graduating at the “Raffaello” Institute of Higher Learning, in Urbino, Monica Ciampiconi enrolled at the faculty of Architecture and Interior Design at the Milan Polytechnic.

At the end of the last year of college – spent in Lisbon on Erasmus – Monica graduated and went back to Montefeltro. After a few months, she joined Arredoclassic technical team.

Since the start of her career, she exhibited great skills and specific knowledge, and, within a few years, after acquiring professional maturity and a wide know-how, she is tasked with designing a new contemporary collection.

Arredoclassic designer for five years now, Monica has entirely designed multiple Adora’s new collections as Essenza, Ambra, Poesia and the new Luce Light & Dark.

The goal was creating something more essential and classy, while observing the rules of contemporary aesthetics.


The Adora line is strongly inspired by the elegance and taste of Italian design with its unmistakable profile that leaves its mark in any environment, reinterpreting the essence and creating new forms with a contemporary relish.

Adora is a response to the tastes of today´s market in continuous and constant change. The ADORA line corresponds to our vision of the world, every designer that works on the collections is an attentive and sharp observer of our current reality with its myriad and diverse nuances.

Adora brims with gentle and elegant features, where one can sense the restrained composition which fuses with the delight of decor, and taste for detailing and exquisite fabrics. A look at the Adora collections reveals the strong energy behind the clean and elegant lines which move in perfect harmony across the embellished materials constituting the characteristic style of each product.

adora interiors living room ambra collection with sofas and coffee tables

Details that make a difference

Another characteristic of the Adora range is the attention to detail . Adora furniture finishes are expertly designed and stand out in each piece of furniture. Nothing is left to chance in designing these collections.

The elegance of Italian style comes back also in Adora’s contemporary shapes , by making the furniture pieces – through unique materials and finishing – precious jewels in the eye of those walking into your home.

Choosing Adora furniture will mean making the room you are designing unique and exclusive. Adora furniture stands out in any room it is placed in, also thanks to its fine finishes.

Do not give up on luxury: choose Adora

Designing a luxury home can be very exciting. Today, high-end furniture styles are accessible to the broader public, thanks to the Adora collections . The luxury-à-porter philosophy combines contemporary style to precious and fine classy design.

If you want to be sure to give your home an unmistakeable classy appearance, choose the Adora collections. Your personality will be showcased, and you will finally enjoy the furniture of your dreams.


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