Luce Collection

Brighten up your home with the luxury Luce collection

The Luce furniture collection is the perfect balance between the straightforward and minimalist style of contemporary furnishing and the luxury design typical of Made in Italy. This collection stylishly and elegantly furnishes the living areas and bedrooms.

The Luce furniture collection is available in two stylistic versions: Luce Light and Luce Dark. The former features a light Onyx marble-effect finish, while Luce Dark offers a darker shade with a sophisticated Portoro Gold marble-effect finish.

Luce Light Living room set with tv set composition

Luce Light finishes give visual lightness and pleasant color continuity thanks to their elegant light, tone-on-tone nuances.

Adora Luce Dark Living room set

Thanks to the glamorous note of the Portoro Gold marble-effect finish, Luce Dark stands out for its contrast and strong personality.

The common element of the collection is the light, highlighted by ethereal finishes, shimmering surfaces and rich details. Mirrors and interior furniture lighting add additional brightness, perspective and contemporary appeal. Another unique feature of this luxury collection is the emphasis on asymmetries and the sophisticated alternation of different shapes and textures.

Make your home bright and sophisticated with the fashionable contemporary design of Adora’s Luce collection. Explore the versatility of Luce Light and the elegance of Luce Dark.


Watching the video will be like entering the various rooms and admiring in person the magical atmosphere of the ethereal Luce Light dining room or the fascinating chromatic contrast of Luce Dark, where the “shadows” of the Portoro Gold marble effect play with the sparkling lights from the windows, champagne handles and light wood finishes in the living room, dining room and bedroom. 

Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of the new Adora collection and let yourself be inspired by the synergy between the sobriety of contemporary design and the elegance of Italian luxury.

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Luce: the contemporary collection that illuminates the home and gives glamorous touches

Luce is a sober and contemporary collection that enhances asymmetries through contrasting materials and shapes. The leitmotiv of the collection, in addition to the light element that gives it its name, is the search for a balance between elegance and glamour, functionality and design.  

Two versions available: Luce Light and Luce Dark

Luce Light focuses on visual continuity and the lightness of tone-on-tone. Elegance is supported by the suggestive cohesion between the light onyx marble effect finish of the tops and worktops, and the light wood zebrano effect finish of the doors. Both neutral and super bright. It is a doubly” luminous collection and completely devoted to stylistic continuity and the sobriety typical of the contemporary, although details are not lacking luxury.

Those who prefer a darker and more intense aesthetic will love Luce Dark, in which the contrast between the light wood effect doors prevails and the dark finish of the Portoro Gold marble effect of the tops and sides. In Luce Dark the dark veins of the marble, in contrast with the expressive strength of the light wood finish, create a greater visual impact and add a glamorous note.

The Luce collection is an elegant fusion of contemporary design and timeless beauty. The asymmetrical design catches the eye, while the luxe finishes add a refined touch. Choose the stylistic version that best suits your environment: the delicate and luminous tone-on-tone of Luce Light or the bold and captivating contrast of Luce Dark.