Luce Light Collection


Your signature room

With bright neutral colors, clean lines and functional furniture, the Luce Light bedroom is designed to maximize the feeling of comfort and relaxation that should never be lacking in a room dedicated to resting. At the same time, it does not give up the sophisticated style and design typical of the Adora collections.
Many elements make it an elegant and out-of-the-ordinary bedroom, starting with the original material-chromatic contrast between the whiteness of the Onyx finish and the warmth of the Zebrano wood finishes.
The closets with mirrored doors, modular in different combinations are the perfect match for the subtle satin lines of the handles and feet, the large and dramatic headboards, and the many functional benefits, such as the soft closures of nightstands and drawers and the possibility of adding a convenient storage box to the bed.

Collezione Luce Light

With a balanced and harmonious design in which no one element stands out above the other, but all combine to create a contemporary stylistic harmony, Luce Light makes light the real star of the space. It is the light the hallmark of the collection and the “continuum” that expands into all rooms of the home.

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