Luce Light Collection


The beds with upholstered headboards are available in three sizes (Queen, King and Twin) and two versions (with or without storage compartment) are perfect for those who want to maximize the comfort of the bedroom and create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

The wooden headboard features the sophisticated tone-on-tone combination of the Zebrano wood-effect frame and the embossed decoration in Onyx marble finish, while in the upholstered bed there is the possibility to customize the color of the upholstered insert.

For example, to create a more appealing color contrast, the upholstery can be in a warmer, darker shade than the bright hue of the frame and headboard frame.

In the version with a storage box, the satin-finished right-angle feet and wood-finish frame disappear and are replaced by the same upholstery as the headboard. This is not only a functional choice to create storage space, but also a stylistic one to add an even more minimalist and contemporary mood.


Description Width Depth Height
Bed King Size w/upholstered headboard 224 cm 215 cm 140 cm
Bed Italian/Queen Size w/upholstered headboard  187 cm 202-215 cm 140 cm
Twin size bed w/upholstered headboard 135 cm 200 cm 140 cm
Upholstered bed king size  224 cm 215 cm 140 cm
Upholstered bed italian/queen size  187 cm 202-215 cm 140 cm
Upholstered twin size bed 135 cm 200 cm 140 cm