Luce Light Collection

Sliding door wardrobe

The elegant Luce Light wardrobe is made with two large mirrored doors, using sturdy aluminum profiles, which slide on guides with soft closing.
Sides and shelves have a thickness of mm. 35 to guarantee solidity to the structure. The chest of drawers (optional) is made with 3 soft-closing drawers and with a velvet-lined bottom.

Along with the bed, the wardrobe is the big star of the bedroom. It features an important role where functionality is critical, but so is visual impact and attention to detail. All aspects that Luce Light embodies to perfection in its two-door sliding wardrobes, 268 cm wide, 252 cm high and 68 cm deep.

Designed for maximum convenience and storage, thanks to internal organization with drawers, shelves and super-functional accessories, these wardrobes are also very aesthetically appealing. The design is contemporary and pure, featuring simple, clean lines, space-saving sliding doors, and visual lightness. At the same time, the mirrored doors give class and elegance.

Luce Light sliding wardrobes can be customized in different ways.

There are 3 colors available for the doors, one more sophisticated than the other: clear, bronze and smoke. Each version is completed with a central insert in 4 models: the 3 already noted for the doors plus the Onyx finish that matches that of the beds, nightstands, and dressers.
Depending on how it is made, the combination either provide a monotone appearance or a striking color break.

2 Sliding mirror doors wardrobe
clear mirrors/onyx insert
Art. 1

2 Sliding mirror doors wardrobe
bronze mirrors/bronze insert
Art. 2

2 Sliding mirror doors wardrobe
smoke mirrors/smoke insert
Art. 3


Description Width Depth Height
2 Sliding mirror doors Wardrobe 268cm 68 cm 252cm

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