Luce Dark Collection


Elegance and the contrast of colors

The contrast between these two noble finishes is “distributed” evenly and harmoniously among the various furnishings in the living area.

In the tables, for example, the dark finish is perfect for the top; in the buffet cabinet we find it in both the top and the sides, while in the display cabinets the game of light and dark is most visible in the contrast between the black sides and the clear glass doors.

In the Luce Dark dining room, the showcase cabinet is characterized by its modularity: you can “build” the showcase according to your needs and available space for full customization. Basically, starting with the central two-door display case module, the composition can be personalized by adding a single-door element to its right or left to enlarge the cabinet and make it wider.

To further increase the capacity of the showcase, we can add the single element to either the right or left.

Luce Dark Collection

In the Luce Dark collection, details such as the feet and satin-finished metal handles, feature deliberately simple and clean lines everywhere. Everything is designed to leave the starring role to the design of the furniture, display cases, sofas and other furnishing elements that make up this contemporary luxury collection.

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