Luce Dark Collection


The Luce Dark dining room’s four-door buffet features a sophisticated black Portoro Gold marble finish on the sides and top, adding elegance to the design.

In this composition, the focus is more on contrasts than uniformity. Unlike Luce Light, where brightness dominates all surfaces and finishes, in Luce Dark the goal is to create a more subdued and mysterious atmosphere, emphasizing the glamorous and elegant side of the contemporary world. The light here is enhanced not by the overall appearance but by the color contrast with the delicate light Zebrano-effect wood finish and LED inserts.

The uniqueness of this cabinet is also in its asymmetrical design that catches the eye thanks to the deliberate disproportion between density and transparency: a single module with a glass door, positioned at the end, and three closed modules in Zebrano-effect wood finish.

This elegant and spacious buffet cabinet is perfect to complement the dining room along with the luxury-style sideboard with display case and majestic dining table, adding a touch of sophistication and functionality.


Description Width Depth Height
4 Doors Buffet 209 cm 51 cm 86 cm