Adora’s contemporary furniture will mark your rooms  with the Made in Italy signature

The new spirit of the classic

Made in Italy, is not merely a way of identifying a long-established Arredoclassic production system through the Adora line. Made in Italy means “created” in Italy, from the design conception to the gilt finishes.

Made in Italy is the pivotal point of the entire company vision: fabricating in Italy. The ability to control the various production stages of the furniture is not only a task but perhaps more importantly, speaks of the passion underlying the desire to do things well.

Made in Italy stands for quality work, attention to detail. Every Adora production line channels the Italian creativity which has made us one of the most recognised names in the international market.

The Italian gusto for doing things well is the first step in renewing the collection: contemporary marks, traced by the hands of designers with decade-long experience and a future-looking vision. Our creatives can sense and interpret what our sophisticated and attentive clientele already longs for.

Details are everything: the essence of Made-in-Italy fine furniture

Italian furniture luxury and style are a question of details.

Arredoclassic and Adora furniture is the result of fine craftsmanship: every single detail stems from the care for small things, and from the will to make each element stand out.

When fine design and classy details meet, you can furnish every room of your home in an elegant way, and truly enjoy the essence of Italian high-end furniture.

Details tell the story of classic and contemporary style, by fully blending in with dining room, living room and bedroom furniture.

The Made in Italy furniture is famous and appreciated worldwide in all its variations, whether classic or contemporary.

The contemporary aesthetics are ideal for creating comfortable furnishing scenarios, always beautiful to look at, and with a focus on attention to detail.

The Adora collections have been created according to the standards of contemporary taste and are specially designed to furnish every room in your home: from the bedroom to the living room and dining room.

Adora’s contemporary style, with its timeless appeal, is defined by a minimal and ethereal concept: the furniture of the collections enhances every room in your home with versatility and beauty.

The quality of Made in Italy signed by Arredoclassic

For Adora, Made in Italy represents something more than a simple identification concerning the entire production chain. It certainly resumes the concept of creation, from the project to the most refined details that Arredoclassic boasts, but it expands the concept in a more visionary and focused direction.

Creating in Italy, and therefore managing directly the various stages of the production of the Sipario and Diamante collections, is not only a job but is also, and perhaps above all, the passion that lies at the heart of the desire to do things well.

Quality of Made in Italy therefore means work and attention to details, inspired by a local creativity capable of establishing itself in the world thanks to the right mix of classic style and modern renewal: a new experience in which classic Italian style harmonizes with contemporary design, inspiring elegant and profoundly refined environments.

adora interiors bedroom ambra collection wooden bed

Choose the sophisticated elegance of Adora’s contemporary furniture collections

What makes Made in Italy furniture so appreciated worldwide is undoubtedly the design and the attention to small details that make each piece of furniture unique.

Behind these two factors, which distinguish the Italian style, we find the manufacturing art of artisans who, with wisdom and mastery, create highly refined furniture and furnishing accessories.

This is why Italian furniture is appreciated and chosen by everyone. Because it stands out for its refined silhouettes, skilfully designed, and the use of fine materials.


– Mahogany, elm, cherry, walnut wood etc.

– Metals, gold and silver leaf finishes

– Marble, granite, quartz, etc.

– Precious fabrics, soft padding and meticulously hand-embroidered fabrics

The materiality and quality of the raw materials emphasize the visual impact of the furnishings, which in a choreography of refined softness and solidity, decisive lines and soft sinuous curves, make every room bold and scenic, luxurious and welcoming.

Everything is designed to make every room in your home a welcoming scenario with a great aesthetic appeal.

Gold and silver leaf frames and decorations, matching textures, games of shapes and volumes, contrasting silk-screen prints, handles and legs with fine finishes, premium and enveloping fabrics.

And this is just a small sample!

Discover the Adora collections and let yourself be charmed by their precious details designed to make every interior unique.


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