Poesia Collection

Contemporary elegance inspiring luxury interiors

Poesia is the furniture collection for living, dining and sleeping areas designed for those who want to combine the elegance of luxury Italian furniture with the appeal of contemporary designer furniture.

Between captivating geometries, material contrasts and sophisticated finishes, the furnishings of the Poesia collection give life to environments characterised by compositional balance and atmospheric cohesion.

Luxury coexists with functionality, and pragmatic contemporary minimalism blends effortlessly with the quality of Made in Italy furniture, precious materials and sophisticated details.

In the contemporary style of Poesia, the dominance of luminous nuances in a glossy ivory marble finish is broken up by a play of contrasts and decorative references – the warm bronze hues, the Emperador Dark effect screen-printed glass tops, the squared metal handles – that infuses personality and forms the leitmotif of the entire collection.

To make the collection even more versatile there is the possibility to choose between two versions: the one characterized by the dark top in the warm Emperador Dark nuance, and the version with the light top, for a surplus of brightness.

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Each piece of furniture in the Poesia collection helps to create environments dominated by an enveloping mix of atmospheres: on one side the luxury of the great Made in Italy tradition, on the other the strong personality of contemporary style.

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The Poesia Collection: discover the charm of contemporary luxury

The Poesia collection is designed for those who wish to furnish their living room, parlour and bedroom inspired by the functionality and minimalism of the contemporary style, but without giving up on the quality and elegance of Made in Italy furniture.

The distinctive feature of the collection can be found in its ability to blend the refined atmospheres of the classic style and the versatility of the contemporary style, while maintaining a simple and balanced look that welcomes both styles.

In order to make the collection even more versatile, it is possible to choose between two versions: the one characterized by the top in the warm Emperador Dark shade, and the version with the light grain top, for a surplus of brightness.

Thanks to a game between luxury details and square lines, precious materials and rational volumes, the furnishings of the Poesia collection create unique environments that are difficult to replicate.

What catches the eye is the perfect balance between the compositional elements and what touches the heart is the atmospheres that effortlessly incorporates the practical charm of contemporary design with the aesthetics of classic luxury furniture.

Poesia dining room: harmony and touches of class

All the furnishings in the Poesia dining room feature elements of stylistic continuity – the geometric decorations, the bronze metal handles, the chromatic uniformity between the glossy ivory marble and the light top – which make them harmonious and perfectly blended with each other.

Those who prefer contrasts to tone on tone can choose the version with Emperador Dark top.

Poesia living room: elegance and conviviality

The contemporary imprint of the Poesia living room, evident in the rational forms of the furnishings, in the geometric details, in the no-frills fabrics of the seats, coexists with the elegance of the precious materials and with the sense of welcome transmitted by the warm nuances of the earth.

Poesia bedroom: refined and welcoming

The Poesia bedroom is designed to meet modern needs for functionality and comfort and to ensure an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.

The sense of intimacy, typical of this environment, is guaranteed by the attention to detail, such as the internal velvet lining of the bedside tables, the precious finishes and the two chromatic versions of the furnishings: the suggestive contrast between the ethereal nuances of ivory marble and the warm shades of brown, or the tone-on-tone version with the light top.