Poesia Collection

Contemporary elegance inspiring luxury interiors

Poesia is the furniture collection for living, dining and sleeping areas designed for those who want to combine the elegance of luxury Italian furniture with the appeal of contemporary designer furniture.

Between captivating geometries, material contrasts and sophisticated finishes, the furnishings of the Poesia collection give life to environments characterised by compositional balance and atmospheric cohesion.

Luxury coexists with functionality, and pragmatic contemporary minimalism blends effortlessly with the quality of Made in Italy furniture, precious materials and sophisticated details.

In the contemporary style of Poesia, the dominance of luminous nuances in a glossy ivory marble finish is broken up by a play of contrasts and decorative references – the warm bronze hues, the Emperador Dark effect screen-printed glass tops, the squared metal handles – that infuses personality and forms the leitmotif of the entire collection.

Discover the Poesia collection rooms

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