Luce Light Collection


Mirrors are ideal for completing the furnishing of any room in the home. In addition to being functional, they elegantly furnish and make certain pieces of furniture more accomplished such as the bedroom dressers, the dining room console tables, and the dining room buffet cabinet.

Luce Light mirrors boast a geometric, minimalist design that matches the colors, line and texture of the vertical handle of the furniture pieces. In particular, there are two versions available: one with a mirror and onyx half-frame and one with an all-onyx frame.


Description Width Depth Height
Large Mirrror Art. 60  180 cm 3 cm 80 cm
Large Mirrror Art. 61  187 cm 7 cm 87 cm
Small Mirrror Art. 60 110 cm 3 cm 80cm
Small Mirrror Art. 61  112 cm 7 cm 87 cm