Moderna Collection


The compact and essential shape of the Moderna bedside tables fits perfectly into any space, and the smoky grey Sycamore wood finish lends refinement and elegance.

What makes the design of the bedside tables, the dresser and chests of drawers unique is the glossy black edged top detail, slightly offset from the body of the cabinet. This almost ‘three-dimensional’ effect creates a striking contrast of volumes and makes the overall view more dynamic.

The attention to detail is evident in every element: from the interior velvet lining to the customisation of handles and feet in the three styles (Titanium, Gold and Chrome), through to the soft-closing system, which guarantees a silent and ‘accompanied’ closing of the drawers. 

In the Titanium version, the bedside table takes on a grittier, more contemporary look, while the Gold and Chrome versions interpret the minimalism of the collection in a more glamorous key, with tapered shapes and shiny, glittering materials.


Description Width Depth Height
Night Table 65 cm 45 cm 56 cm